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A self-taught artist, I have been carrying a camera around for roughly 30 years. Like my preferred medium, I have been through many evolutions, and like my camera, I am trying to keep up with this ever-changing world. Originally from Atlanta, I moved to Colorado 20 years ago. I joke that I now have dual stateship. The combination of the two worlds collide in my work. I love to use graffiti-style color from the city, thrown all over the gorgeous images captured from my adventures in the great outdoors. 


Since moving to Vail at the end of 2012, my love of the outdoors has grown. I now have achieved goals and experiences I didn't realize were even on the list, all the while working diligently to expand my photography portfolio and knowledge. Working in fashion for more than two decades awarded me the opportunity to work as a member of the online creative team with one of the high fashion boutiques in Vail. During that time I was a contributing photographer on several location shoots,  also gaining experience with studio photography. I have since photographed several small weddings, baby announcements, and major outdoor extreme sporting events. 


There have been many paths in my journey, each creating its own route to dreams and aspirations originally created in my childhood. I hope you enjoy some of the moments I have been fortunate to capture and create.


I am available for headshots, announcements, family portraits, small weddings. and other assorted events. Please contact me with questions and details.  In addition, I am available to help your small business create and/or update your website


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